Ice-Cream Cake

I borrowed the most amazing book from the library the other day: Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones (-12-2see pic on right).
It is full of homemade ice cream recipes and great inspiration for desserts and sweet treats. I was particularly inspired by the instructions for creating layered ice-cream cakes and given it was my Dads birthday last weekend it seemed the perfect time to experiment.

So after reading and re-reading this book several times my mind was made up – Dad would be celebrating his birthday with a midnight chocolate cake as the base, then a huge layer of malted vanilla ice-cream, with chocolate chunks and homemade peanut brittle mixed through, topped with whipped cream and finished off with grated milk chocolate

It was incredibly rich and indulgent so we only needed very small slices but it was delicious. I personally wasn’t a big fan of the midnight chocolate cake so in future will use my favourite mud cake recipe instead. However the peanut brittle was easy to make and tasted better than any I have ever bought (or made) before. Peanut brittle and chocolate chunks, mixed through homemade malted vanilla ice-cream, is seriously the best flavoured ice-cream I have ever tasted. I would never have come up with the combination (or the recipe) on my own – thank goodness for this book!

I have had to return the book to the library but thankfully managed to track down a copy on which should be arriving soon! Stay tuned for more ice-cream posts in the future!


I’d love to hear other ideas for homemade ice-cream – any tips and tricks? Fantastic flavour combos?