Storage cabinet make-over

A few months ago I was at a garage sale and saw a great little wooden buffet and hutch. I managed to pick it up for $20 and thought it would be perfect for stMy $20 bargainoring my cake decorating/craft/sewing supplies. My only problem was that it was a bit old and tired looking. I had never attempted anything like this before but I thought I might as well have a go at turning it into something I’d love – the worst that could happen was I’d ruin a $20 piece of furniture!-193


So I gave it a really light sand (I hate sanding and avoid it as much as I can), then I painted it with a primer/sealer/undercoat (Dulux) followed by two coats of the most fabulous colour I could find (Mighty Max by Taubmans!). I carefully attacked it with some sandpaper in the areas that are likely to wear naturally (e.g. door handles, corner edges etc) then using a watered down dark brown paint and a sponge, I wiped the whole thing down. Finally I covered it with two coats of clear polyurethane spray paint.

This is the end result – not bad for a first timer!

The finished cabinet

The finished cabinet


DIY bench seat

My new and improved front hall!

Shoe storage has long been a messy pain in the butt at my place. The garage floor is covered in shoes and trying to locate a matching pair amidst the old paint tins, suitcases and baby paraphenalia in there has been the cause of quite a few melt downs. Another pet peev of mine is the boring and bland area at my front door. In my pre-children life I always had beautiful potted plants inside my front door but with 3 dirt eating boys this is no longer an option. Anyway, I am pleased to say all these problems have been solved with a trip to IKEA, an electric breadknife and an old mattress (amongst other things). Continue reading

Mad Hatter’s Tea party

Layers of chocolate, lemon and purple coconut cake covered in buttercream and coloured sugar

Handmade cupcake toppers

My darling baby boy turned one a couple of months ago. I planned a Alice in Wonderland style ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ to celebrate. The kids and I worked hard all week; painting signs to decorate our hallway (“This way, that way” etc), creating beautiful “take me” lolly bags and “eat me” cupcake toppers. I wrote “We are all mad here” in chalk on the feature wall in our kitchen/dining area and set up a long kids tea party table. I also made a glorious four layeredmad hatter cake to serve at least 50. Continue reading

Diary of a wedding cake

I was overjoyed when my brother and his girlfriend announced their engagement, not only because I think they are absolutely perfect for each other but also because it was the perfect motivator for me to finally do a cake decorating course! As luck would have it the course got cancelled but this was easily overcome – I learnt everything I know about cake decorating from a handful of library books and a whole heap of googling. I have had so much fun making this cake and it turned out pretty fantastic if I do say so myself!

The finished product

The cake

The plan: A three-tier wedding cake – 12, 10 and 8 inch cakes, enough to serve up to 100 coffee sized portions. The bottom two tiers were chocolate mudcake, filled with milk chocolate ganache. The top-tier was a lemon cake filled with lemon buttercream. All tiers were to be covered in ivory fondant, the middle tier to be quilted, and all decorated with navy blue ribbon. The cake was to be topped with wire hearts and fresh flowers. Continue reading

Simple yet stunning table flowers

Inspired by pictures she’d seen in various bridal magazines my new sister-in-law decided to go for simple, rustic style, flower arrangements on the tables at her reception venue. We searched homeware, junk store and craft shops for interesting jars and bottles. We ended up purchasing 3 small bottles/vases for each table along with a small glass tealight holder. The Bride to be also sourced some fantastic mini chalk boards on sticks for the table numbers. On the morning of the wedding we collected 2 small bunches of pink roses, and one bunch each of pink sweet peas, white ranunculus and white freesias. We then split the bunches up and distributed them between the vases. It was such a quick and easy job, we were done in about 20 minutes! The result was absolutely stunning, the fresh pink and white flowers really brightened up the room and were gorgeous to look at. Even better the vases were perfect on the round tables, not obscuring anyones view or getting in the way when talking to other guests on the table.


G’day world!

Welcome to our Crafting, Thrifting, Wedding-planning world – full of hand-
made wonderment, crafty tips, links and tutorials to make your very own
unique wedding.

The countdown to my November 2013 wedding to my darling beau has begun
– so in-between mothering our brood of 4, pushing out another (eek!) and
the wedding, i have signed myself up to a handmade wedding. I envisage a
handmade dress, page boy and flower girls outfits, bridesmaids dresses, and
some groomy ties; cool native floral arrangements, a do-it-myself cake, home-
made reception decor….actually the list is never ending! Who knows where
this road to wedded-ness will take me but I am really excited to begin the
journey, and i couldn’t do it without my partner in craft and mummy-hood,
Brooke. Not only is she a kick-arse cake maker and crafter, she is also a kick-
arse friend..THE BEST…one of those gems that you can always rely on. I know
she will happily don her hard hat and gloves to rescue me from my washing
mountain and set me on a path of craft enlightenment if i ever stray too far
from wedding dreams!

So to this blog – well we thought we might as well have a red hot go –
someone might be interested in what we have to stay…perhaps. If not, well it’s
a good excuse to craft up a storm, thrift some pre-loved goodies and make me
a fun wedding.

Thanks for stopping by…feel free to keep reading…follow-us…and all that

Jen xx