In January…..

In January……..

I celebrated my sons 3rd birthday. The cake was not what I hoped, but it was just too hot for fondant. The whole thing flopped and I ended up pulling it off and icing with buttercream instead. Zac loved it all the same. Anyone else had trouble with fondant when the weather is extreme?-13

I hung some beautiful artwork from -85

We went on a road trip and I visited an amazing bottle house/yurt on one of the hottest days ever (

-117And I got to hang out with some cool animals at Western Plains zoo (elephants are just so cool – One of the kids had a tantrum which seemed to attract her attention and she walked alongside us as I took him away from the keepers talk)

Cuddles the Elephant

Cuddles the Elephant

How was your January???



Angry Birds Birthday Party

My eldest son turned four a couple of weeks ago and was desperately keen to have a birthday party. He was so incredibly excited and requested to have an ‘Angry Birds’ party. At first I was in shock, an angry birds party?? You’re turning 4 not 14….. and how the hell am I going to organise an angry birds party?? It only took about 5 minutes of the two of us googling for the excitement to rub off on me, here is what we came up with!

We made an amazing Angry Birds cake
(chocolate mudcake covered in fondant with hand made birds/pigs etc).










He had the most wonderful time, for days afterwards he kept telling me how great his party was and thanking me for making everything. He is so incredibly sweet….. Continue reading

Mad Hatter’s Tea party

Layers of chocolate, lemon and purple coconut cake covered in buttercream and coloured sugar

Handmade cupcake toppers

My darling baby boy turned one a couple of months ago. I planned a Alice in Wonderland style ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ to celebrate. The kids and I worked hard all week; painting signs to decorate our hallway (“This way, that way” etc), creating beautiful “take me” lolly bags and “eat me” cupcake toppers. I wrote “We are all mad here” in chalk on the feature wall in our kitchen/dining area and set up a long kids tea party table. I also made a glorious four layeredmad hatter cake to serve at least 50. Continue reading