Simple yet stunning table flowers

Inspired by pictures she’d seen in various bridal magazines my new sister-in-law decided to go for simple, rustic style, flower arrangements on the tables at her reception venue. We searched homeware, junk store and craft shops for interesting jars and bottles. We ended up purchasing 3 small bottles/vases for each table along with a small glass tealight holder. The Bride to be also sourced some fantastic mini chalk boards on sticks for the table numbers. On the morning of the wedding we collected 2 small bunches of pink roses, and one bunch each of pink sweet peas, white ranunculus and white freesias. We then split the bunches up and distributed them between the vases. It was such a quick and easy job, we were done in about 20 minutes! The result was absolutely stunning, the fresh pink and white flowers really brightened up the room and were gorgeous to look at. Even better the vases were perfect on the round tables, not obscuring anyones view or getting in the way when talking to other guests on the table.



G’day world!

Welcome to our Crafting, Thrifting, Wedding-planning world – full of hand-
made wonderment, crafty tips, links and tutorials to make your very own
unique wedding.

The countdown to my November 2013 wedding to my darling beau has begun
– so in-between mothering our brood of 4, pushing out another (eek!) and
the wedding, i have signed myself up to a handmade wedding. I envisage a
handmade dress, page boy and flower girls outfits, bridesmaids dresses, and
some groomy ties; cool native floral arrangements, a do-it-myself cake, home-
made reception decor….actually the list is never ending! Who knows where
this road to wedded-ness will take me but I am really excited to begin the
journey, and i couldn’t do it without my partner in craft and mummy-hood,
Brooke. Not only is she a kick-arse cake maker and crafter, she is also a kick-
arse friend..THE BEST…one of those gems that you can always rely on. I know
she will happily don her hard hat and gloves to rescue me from my washing
mountain and set me on a path of craft enlightenment if i ever stray too far
from wedding dreams!

So to this blog – well we thought we might as well have a red hot go –
someone might be interested in what we have to stay…perhaps. If not, well it’s
a good excuse to craft up a storm, thrift some pre-loved goodies and make me
a fun wedding.

Thanks for stopping by…feel free to keep reading…follow-us…and all that

Jen xx