G’day world!

Welcome to our Crafting, Thrifting, Wedding-planning world – full of hand-
made wonderment, crafty tips, links and tutorials to make your very own
unique wedding.

The countdown to my November 2013 wedding to my darling beau has begun
– so in-between mothering our brood of 4, pushing out another (eek!) and
the wedding, i have signed myself up to a handmade wedding. I envisage a
handmade dress, page boy and flower girls outfits, bridesmaids dresses, and
some groomy ties; cool native floral arrangements, a do-it-myself cake, home-
made reception decor….actually the list is never ending! Who knows where
this road to wedded-ness will take me but I am really excited to begin the
journey, and i couldn’t do it without my partner in craft and mummy-hood,
Brooke. Not only is she a kick-arse cake maker and crafter, she is also a kick-
arse friend..THE BEST…one of those gems that you can always rely on. I know
she will happily don her hard hat and gloves to rescue me from my washing
mountain and set me on a path of craft enlightenment if i ever stray too far
from wedding dreams!

So to this blog – well we thought we might as well have a red hot go –
someone might be interested in what we have to stay…perhaps. If not, well it’s
a good excuse to craft up a storm, thrift some pre-loved goodies and make me
a fun wedding.

Thanks for stopping by…feel free to keep reading…follow-us…and all that

Jen xx