Fresh Fruit Cake!

I love cake – in fact I have never met a piece of cake I haven’t loved (or happily eaten) except for Fruitcake! Yes, I know, I am in a minority but seriously it is gross! Looks like a compacted compost heap… smells like a rubbish bin….. tastes like …………. well I don’t know because I have never managed to get past the look and the smell!

Please fogive me, I know many people are quite fond of the humble fruitcake, my Grandma would be rolling in her grave right now (not actually, she was cremated and she had a brilliant sense of humour and is more than likely still amused by my inability to go near that nasty cake she used to try to force feed me).

Enough rambling – I have come up with a fabulous alternative. A fresh fruit cake – much quicker, easier and cheaper to make. It neither looks like a compost brick, nor smells like a rubbish bin and it is actually really healthy!



What do you think??



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