DIY bench seat

My new and improved front hall!

Shoe storage has long been a messy pain in the butt at my place. The garage floor is covered in shoes and trying to locate a matching pair amidst the old paint tins, suitcases and baby paraphenalia in there has been the cause of quite a few melt downs. Another pet peev of mine is the boring and bland area at my front door. In my pre-children life I always had beautiful potted plants inside my front door but with 3 dirt eating boys this is no longer an option. Anyway, I am pleased to say all these problems have been solved with a trip to IKEA, an electric breadknife and an old mattress (amongst other things).

Staple the fabric straight into the ply

I bought a narrow/tall cube-style bookshelf from IKEA which I turned on its side. I also bought some canvas boxes which fit perfectly in each of the cubes… and ta-da now all 5 members of our household each have a generously sized draw for shoes! This also makes a great bench seat and the perfect place to sit whilst wrestling said shoes on squirming feet.

Staple some more fabric onto the back to neaten things up a littl

I pulled our old foam mattress from the back shed and using an electric bread knife I cut a piece out of it in the same dimensions as the bookshelf. I then placed the foam on a piece of ply cut to the same dimensions and covered it with some funky fabric (also from IKEA), using a staple gun to secure the fabric to the ply. I then cut another piece of plain fabric and stapled that down to tidy things up.

Due to the wriggly-ness of those 3 dirt eating boys I mentioned earlier I also used a metre of self-adhesive velcro to attach the cushion to the bookshelf/bench.

I’m pretty happy with the result, it’s functional and adds some interest to the front hall…….

Finished and reasonably professional looking 😉



4 thoughts on “DIY bench seat

    • Sure is – several humans at a time in fact!! It is an IKEA bookshelf on its side, I think they are actually designed to be moved around like this. We regularly have 3 small boys and myself on it doing our shoes and its solid as a rock!

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