Mad Hatter’s Tea party

Layers of chocolate, lemon and purple coconut cake covered in buttercream and coloured sugar

Handmade cupcake toppers

My darling baby boy turned one a couple of months ago. I planned a Alice in Wonderland style ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ to celebrate. The kids and I worked hard all week; painting signs to decorate our hallway (“This way, that way” etc), creating beautiful “take me” lolly bags and “eat me” cupcake toppers. I wrote “We are all mad here” in chalk on the feature wall in our kitchen/dining area and set up a long kids tea party table. I also made a glorious four layeredmad hatter cake to serve at least 50.

How depressing it was to cancel the party on saturday morning when I finally accepted that our little household was just too damn sick to entertain our guests. My poor husband came down with the flu…. Not man flu, not a headcold but the real deal 😦 My poor little birthday boy also had some sort of virus, as did my 2yr old. All 3 of them were semi-comatose, green with snot and absolutely bloody miserable. I tried desperately to get a smile out of birthday boy but no amount of singing and dancing was going to bring him out of it. My husband could not stay upright for more than a few minutes at a time and conversation was impossible. Mr 2yr old just sat and cried “I sick, I crying mummy, I sick, I crying mummy”….. sad, sad, sad!

Chalk on the walls!

Meanwhile my eldest son and I were perfectly healthy, just dissapointed as we sat on a long empty table and tried to make a crack in that fabulous cake. What a lonely first birthday party!


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